Bulgarian Association of Advertisers

Bulgarian Association of Advertisers

Who we are

2008: The decision for the establishment of the Bulgarian Association of Advertisers (BAA) was taken at its  Constituency Assembly held on February 12th, 2008. 11 companies became founder-members of BAA: Beiersdorf Bulgaria, Bella Bulgaria, Danone Serdika, Kamenitza, Coca-Cola Bulgaria, GloBul, Kraft Foods Bulgaria, Mobiltel, Nestlé Bulgaria, United Bulgarian Bank, Heineken / Zagorka. Mr. Antonis Kantzelis, Executive Director of Nestlé Bulgaria, was appointed for chairman of the board of the Association.

Founding the Association is a step forward in achieving goals such as self-regulation of the messages to consumers by advertisers; active participation in all processes and projects related to the application of European and global practices in advertising; maintaining a more effective and constructive dialogue with media. It is also a precondition for advertisers to implement responsible, fair and transparent advertising policies. The establishment of BAA will contribute positively to the development of the advertising market in Bulgaria and will protect the interests not only of advertisers, but mostly of consumers”, BAA’s Management Board.

“BAA is open for all advertisers which share the values of the Association and comply with the requirements for membership set up by its Statutes and by its Constituency meeting
”, Mr. Antonis Kantzelis, First Chairman of the Management Board of the Bulgarian Association of Advertisers.

2010: Maria Oprenova, Marketing director at Mobiltel was appointed Chairman of the Management Board of BAA. “I will invest all my energy in order to turn the association into a brand, a synonym of authority, respect and prestige", commented BAA Board's new Chairman during her election.

2012: At an Extraordinary General Assembly, the members of the Bulgarian Association of Advertisers (BAA) amended the Statute of the association to increase the efficiency and accelerate the future development. The position of "Executive Director" was established. The Executive Director (ED) conducts operational management of the activities of the association and is accountable before the Management Board and the General Assembly. The ED is independent and not connected to any of BAA's members.

The appointed Executive Director of BAA, Rossen Missov, has got significant corporate experience, built during his work from 1998 till 2010 as "External Relations Manager" at Procter & Gamble Bulgaria.

In 2012, Svetlana Prodanova, Marketing Manager at Beiersdorf, was appointed Chairman of the Management Board of BAA.


The annual General Assembly held on 15.01.2015 voted new Management Board which nominated and appointed as Chairman of BAA's MB Mr. Kiril Hadjidinev, marketing director of BELLA Bulgaria. The General Assembly re-appointed Mr.Rossen Missov as BAA's executive director.


The BAA is now represented by the Chairman of the Management Board and/or by the Executive Director.

OUR MISSION is to represent our members in regulating their relations with state authorities and institutions, media, advertising agencies and consumer associations.

Our statute stipulates a programme for adoption of mechanisms for protection of the principles of loyal competition and the responsible and ethical communication to consumers.