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Bulgarian Association of Advertisers

Who we are

„Founding the Association is a step forward in achieving goals such as self-regulation of the messages to consumers by advertisers; active participation in all processes and projects related to the application of European and global practices in advertising; maintaining a more effective and constructive dialogue with media. It is also a precondition for advertisers to implement responsible, fair and transparent advertising policies.

The establishment of BAA contributes positively to the development of the advertising market in Bulgaria and protectс the interests not only of advertisers, but mostly of consumers” BAA’s Management Board.


Dear visitor: 

Thank you very much for your interest in the Bulgarian Association of Advertisers, and welcome to our website!

If you:
- are a big advertiser with long-term vision for business success in Bulgaria,
- would like to have better return of your investments in advertising activities, and operate in an environment which stimulates them,
then, you are one of us.

It is our privilege to cooperate with you, and cordially invite you to join the Bulgarian Association of Advertisers! We are dedicated to:
- the improvement of transparency and reliability of media data
- High professional standards established through self-regulation,
- Balanced interpretation and enforcement of regulatory requirements by the competent authorities

BAA has 7 years experience and is a well-respected partner to media, the other industry groups and the administration.

We look forward to having you as BAA's member and to working with you. For further communication, please contact Rossen Missov, details given in "contact us" section of this website.

Rossen Missov, Executive Director







11 companies became founder-members of BAA: Beiersdorf Bulgaria, Bella Bulgaria, Danone Serdika, Kamenitza, Coca-Cola Bulgaria, GloBul, Kraft Foods Bulgaria, Mobiltel, Nestlé Bulgaria, United Bulgarian Bank, Heineken/Zagorka.

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Useful information

Useful information


  1. 1


    Securing members’ freedom to advertise in the face of regulatory challenges
  2. 2


    Providing members with confidential advice and best practice on agency relationships
  3. 3


    Keeping members up to date with the latest techniques and trends
  4. 4


    Providing members with top-line guidance on legal, regulatory and production issues
  5. 5


    Helping to shape the Bulgarian media environment to the needs of advertisers
  6. 6


    Acting as the voice of advertisers to the rest of the industry; wider  business community, Government and regulators